Buffalo Gauge, Inc and Cleveland Instrument Corporation have merged!


Buffalo Gauge, Inc.

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Buffalo Gauge, Inc and Cleveland Instrument Corporation have merged!

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Oxygen Cleaning Services at Buffalo Gauge

Since 1966, Buffalo Gauge Inc. has provided safe advanced surface preparation (Oxygen Cleaning) for many products such as pipes, valves, instruments, gauges, transducers and fittings, or any component of a system intended for use with oxygen, including very high purity processes where residual or the trace presence of NVR and VCM?s are unacceptable.

Buffalo Gauge Inc. uses NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) Certified Class 100,000 Clean Rooms to ensure absolute results. Whether it is fittings, gauges, valves, tubing, hose, filters, meters or any other product, Buffalo Gauge can oxygen clean to your specific requirements. We can clean, package and properly tag your product and give you the peace of mind that your product has been cleaned properly and certified for Oxygen service.

Buffalo Gauge Oxygen Cleans Miles of Copper and Stainless Tubing Every Year!

In addition to our 45 years of oxygen cleaning experience, Buffalo Gauge has special processes set up specifically for the cleaning of 20’ lengths of tubing and piping. We clean tens of thousands of feet of tubing and piping every year. We clean for oxygen producers and heat exchanger manufacturers, as well as tubing suppliers.

BGI’s Partial Listing of Oxygen Cleaning Specifications:

  • Praxair GS-38 (Certified By Praxair)
  • CGA G 4.1
  • ASTM – G93
  • ANSI B 40
  • Mil Std 1330D
  • Mil Std 1246C (IEST-STD-CC1246D)
  • SAE 1176
  • Individual Customer Specifications

BGI’s Partial Listing of Industries Served:

  • Medical Devices
  • Compressed Gas & Comp. Gas Contractors
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Instrument Manufacturers & Distributors

Buffalo Gauge is an environmentally responsible company. All of our cleaning agents are either environmentally friendly, or 100% recycled. Our processes and procedures are designed with safety and environmental impact considerations. Buffalo Gauge is committed to practices which continuously improve our “green” company initiative.

Why Use Buffalo Gauge?

Unlike other companies that offer many different surface preparations, Buffalo Gauge specializes in Oxygen Cleaning. We put our 45 years of experience to work on each component that we clean, giving every order the individual attention it deserves. Buffalo Gauge is trusted and approved by some of the largest companies in the world, and has a reputation in the industry that is second to none.

Buffalo Gauge Cleans Gauges & Transducers

Buffalo Gauge also specializes in the cleaning of gauges and transducers. We have our own equipment developed specifically for this type of cleaning, and it allows us to clean your product safely, and efficiently. We clean thousands of gauges and transducers for most major manufacturers directly and for many of the largest distributors in the country, so you know you are dealing with one of the most experienced O2 cleaners in the country.

BGI Oxygen Cleans Hoses, Tubing, and Fittings

Buffalo Gauge also cleans braided stainless hosing, novaflex hose, and fittings of all sizes.

Why Do I Need My Parts Oxygen Cleaned?

Components and equipment used in an oxygen system need to be properly cleaned, and packaged so that the cleanliness is maintained until installation. Having impurities in an oxygen system, especially any hydrocarbons, will make your oxygen system vulnerable to fire or explosion. The only way to protect your system and personnel is to ensure that the system is properly cleaned prior to the introduction of oxygen into the system.

What Specifications Do I Need To Clean To?

Normally, the specification requirement for cleaning any part is customer driven. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a partial listing of the specifications we clean to. BGI can provide particle counts, and Non-Volatile Residue Testing (NVR) as part of the services we offer.